Fays Irish Dancing Shoes

Hand Crafted In Dublin Ireland

Phone 914-662-1220, Fax 914-662-1224, Email: Fayshoes@aol.com

     20 North Bleeker Street , Mount Vernon , New York , 10550

Foot Tracings

If you are unsure of the shoe size you can send us a tracing. The tracing can be sent to us thru Fax 914-662-1224, email or mail the drawing to us at: Fay Shoes, 20 North Bleeker Street, Mount Vernon, NY 10550.

Have the dancer stand flat on a hard surface, and trace as closely to the foot as possible.  When done draw line across the top of the toes and the bottom of the heal. Measure the distance in between and include the measurement on the tracing. This allows us to check and be sure the tracing was not distorted from faxing or email.

Please include the following:

Name, Address, Phone Number, Email

Soft, Hard or Boys shoes.

The school you are with.

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